Senior Art ShowThursday, May 25 is an Evening of the Arts at University High School, a free event showcasing exemplary student work in the fine and performing arts.

The evening kicks off with our annual Senior Art Show from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Fairbanks Hall. Seventeen graduating seniors and one junior will display multiple pieces from their portfolio collections for friends, family, and the public to see. All of the pieces presented represent several years of work for the students, and mediums range from ceramics to jewelry, from photography to oil painting.

Here are brief descriptions of the collections you can see at the Senior Art Show.

  • In his AP Studio Art portfolio, Josh Watson (junior) has focused his oil painting on the atmospheric effects of light and its behavior at night.
  • Lucy Bodem’s oil paintings for AP Studio Art focus on subcategories of nightmares and dreams. They are an experiment in purging herself of these dreams and inviting the viewer into her experience.
  • Siro Zeng’s oil paintings for AP Studio Art translate the essence of seemingly unimportant aspects of daily life into physical manifestations of emotion.
  • Olivia Adams has created a portfolio for AP Photography inspired by the narratives typically used in the cinematography of horror films, utilizing ambiguous snapshots meant to bring a feeling of discomfort to the viewer.
  • Patrick Naremore’s AP Photography portfolio explores the quiet of the night and the power of solace and storytelling in uniquely lit spaces.
  • Alex Bandick’s AP Photography images represent the feeling of regret and its effects on the subjects in his work.
  • Justin Hofer’s AP Photography work calls attention to the singular figure by using negative space and the absence of light in an attempt to create a feeling of isolation.
  • Samuel Rudd’s AP Photography concentration is influenced by marketing, Photoshop, photography, film, and design in order to create complex, layered imagery.
  • Throughout the year, Charlie Vargas has experimented with traditional darkroom film and digital photography.
  • Jenny Bruemmer’s AP Sculpture jewelry designs capture the essence of music in the physical and geometric form.
  • Jacob Sears’s AP Sculpture works create functional and sculptural ceramic forms that represent precision and accuracy.
  • Olivia Nichols’s AP Photography concentration focused on presenting authentic images of women in the style of portraiture.
  • Maggie Klemsz’s AP Sculpture work uses bookbinding methods to explore the translation of knowledge through combining reclaimed data technologies and the materials for her books.
  • Meghan Lacy has experimented with various mediums over the course of the year, from ceramics to watercolor.
  • Isabella Ponader is a versatile artist who has experimented with photography, sculpture, and mixed media.
  • Honor Cosby’s work reflects her attention to detail and intricate pattern work in a variety of mediums, from ceramics to mixed media.
  • Ezabeth Peng has spent the year exploring multiple mediums, including watercolor, sewing, journaling, acrylic paints, and ceramics.
  • Tyler Wott has been further exploring his understanding of form and texture in the culminating pieces of his senior work.
Following the Senior Art Show, the public is invited to our Music Department Recognition Night at 7 p.m. in Andrews Hall. We will recognize achievements in music this year and enjoy performances from members of the jazz band, string orchestra, wind ensemble, and choir.