About University

About University

Imagine a place where teenagers are accepted and respected for who they are, where teachers are as friendly and approachable as they are qualified and educated, where every student visitor is greeted with an enthusiastic round of applause.

Imagine a place where zero tolerance for bullying, hate speech, and exclusion is monitored just as much by students as it is by teachers. Imagine a place where students are not only preparing for and looking toward college — plus earning millions of dollars in merit scholarships — but are also living meaningful lives today.

This place is University High School.

University High School of Indiana is an independent college preparatory school located in Carmel, Indiana. Founded in 2000, the school provides an educational and empowering environment for its more than 300 students that promotes faculty/student mentoring; a small, core-values-driven community; four-year, student-focused college counseling; and personalized education.

University High School will meet your child on every level. Where the child is strong, they will open the door to wider opportunities. Where the child is weak, they will provide the type of support that will develop that weakness into a strength. University High School is the place that will let the child you love become the young man or woman they deserve to be.

Darsey Carnal

Mother of Grant ('18)

What Parents Love About University High School

Faculty/Student Mentoring

All faculty and staff serve as mentors to up to 10 students each. Biweekly one-on-one meetings between mentors and mentees are enhanced by daily informal contact that is made possible by the school’s size. Mentors serve as advocates and liaisons between students, teachers, administrators, parents, and even peers.

Core-Values-Driven Community

University High School is built on six core values that are an integral part of its curriculum and daily culture. Student commitment to the core values enables the school to function without bells or even locks on the lockers. Zero tolerance for bullying, hate speech and exclusion is monitored as much by the students as it is by faculty and staff.

What Students Love About University High School

Student Empowerment and Voice

Students are involved in every aspect of University High School — from serving on hiring committees to initiating service projects, from sitting on the discipline committee to leading community meetings. Because of the inclusive athletics program, students can play more than one sport and be a member of any team, regardless of skill level or experience.


Three-Week January Term

For three weeks in January, regular classes are suspended while students focus exclusively on a special course, much like a college intensive. Students select from a menu of college preparatory opportunities that can range from oceanic studies to travel to Japan, from principles of investing to game theory. January Term allows for day-long field trips and week-long travel experiences such as foreign language immersion.

One-to-One Laptop Program

University High School is a laptop campus. All students purchase MacBook laptop computers at reduced school rates. The wireless campus gives students and teachers access to the best learning tools available as well as easy student-to- teacher communication.