University High School's "engaged learning" approach thrives on discussions, debate, analysis, group projects, experimentation and reflection. It encourages students to ask questions, challenge assumptions and apply their learning to real-world situations. By actively involving students in the classroom, University High School stimulates intellectual curiosity and self-confidence. We ask students to experience great works of literature, art and music. Students learn to listen, to respect other views, to be concerned and to make an impact on their world. The faculty encourages the students to become creative and critical thinkers and to exchange ideas freely. Students cannot hide in the back row at University High School .

Our academic standards are rigorous because we want our students to fulfill every bit of their potential. We challenge students but we also help them succeed. Two important concepts emanate from the University High School mission -- to expand the hearts and minds of students and to nurture excellence through academic, creative and physical achievement. The first is that students should engage in a rigorous college preparatory program. The second is that, to achieve the University High School mission, the college preparatory program must develop students who are not completed people or learners. The faculty has high expectations of the students but also understands that students enter University High School with varying levels of ability to handle these expectations. Regardless of how students like to learn, they can count on supportive faculty who challenge them to do their best.

Our child had math anxiety for years. Last week, she told me that she liked math OK. She was finding that, if she took notes and asked questions, it was interesting. What was the breakthrough? An understanding of her academic background. A teacher who recognized how hard she was working. A mentor who encouraged her not to give up. Better self-esteem. University talks to the students about being engaged. She is learning that value on her own. She is starting to see that being engaged in math makes it easier. (Her observation, not mine.)