Why-UniversityWhy University High School?

High school only happens once. The four years of high school are some of the most formative, impactful years of a student’s life, so it’s important to choose a school that will make these years count. University High School is a place where your child can truly thrive — academically, socially, and personally.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read testimonials from some real University High School parents, students, and alumni about what makes University such a special place.

Parent Testimonials about University High School

If you are looking for a strong, proven, academic high school with a welcoming community that will help your child be successful, University is the place for you.

Jeff Adams

Father of Jackie ('15)

It is heartwarming to watch my boys navigate their lives and make decisions about their futures, knowing that the confidence in their abilities and the courage to step out and embrace the world as life-long learners comes in large part from being members of the University community.

Wendy Wright Feng

Mother of George ('12) and William ('13)

University is an all-around school. They are strong in academics while also focusing on community and the students’ individual needs. They take extra time with students to make sure they have future goals and a game plan to reach them. You won’t find this kind of experience and commitment at other schools.

Kristin Smith

Mother of Steven ('18)

At University, my son had many opportunities to explore his interests. He ran cross country, played baseball, served on the Dance Marathon committee, was a student ambassador for the St. Vincent Sports Awards, was a contestant in Mr. University, took ceramics, learned to cook, joined the Hiking Club, and traveled to Norway (in January). He loved every single experience and learned so much about himself.

Paula Bray

Mother of Jordan ('15)

University has been the best fit for our family, and I would not hesitate to recommend it. I can’t imagine a more committed, well-prepared, and dedicated group of educators. There’s big heart in this small school.

Lynn Finch

Mother of Tom ('17)

I leave Back to School Night wanting to go back to high school. University allows kids to be teenagers, to be who they are and learn to accept others as they are, without needing to conform to a mold. There is not as much social drama at this school, which is nice.

Mary Boustani

Mother of Katreen ('15) & Zayn ('19)

Student & Alumni Testimonials About University High School

I’m not sure where else I’ll be able to find such a close-knit community that cares for each other the way we do here. Sure, you may not love everybody in your grade. But if something happens and you’re upset in the hallways, people are there to make sure you’re okay. If a relative passes away, half of the student body will be at the funeral. If you have a big game, there will be friends and faculty there making sure everybody knows who they are rooting for.


Class of 2015

Having graduated from Butler University and seen what classes are like in college, I come back to University and see the ways these students are prepared for college and able to have real conversations with their teachers. University’s teachers are invested in their students, and they become a real part of your life. You don’t get that type of relationship anywhere else.


Class of 2008

I can imagine University High School without me, but I can’t imagine me without University High School; I think that’s how it is supposed to feel when you know you are a part of something purposeful, something bigger than yourself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend these last four years among such loving and lovable people. I’ll truly miss this place.


Class of 2014

My hope [as we graduate] is that we can bring parts of University with us. What’s so special about this place is that it’s the students who create the culture. It takes the entire community to build the foundation, but it’s the students who are constantly shaping and redefining what it means to be at University.


Class of 2015

In its strongest moments, University was not teaching me dogmatically what to believe, but it taught me how to turn my soul to what I believed was good. I think it was most explicitly encouraged in some of my English classes, like AP English with LaMags and Great Books with Wes, but classes like Drumming, AP Art History, AP Calculus, Genetics, AP Spanish, and even PE/Health taught me to study bright and beautiful things too.


Class of 2012

What University gave me that I’m certain I wouldn’t have found in any other high school is the opportunity to find confidence in who I am. Most middle schoolers come to high school not quite sure of who they are. University says that is okay, and they let you explore and discover your full potential. Not only have I learned to excel academically, but I have learned to take care of people, to be kind to living things, and to come together as a community.


Class of 2013