E.E. Ford Fellows Program

E.E. Ford Fellows Program at University High School

As Assistant Head of School Alicia LaMagdeleine wrote in fall 2016, “This year, University High School will embark on a two-year focus on teaching and learning, allowing us to examine and refine an already excellent academic program and to continue our practice of student-centered learning.”

This work, made possible by the E.E. Ford Fellows program at University High School, has begun, and we want to share it with you.

Each month, we’ll post stories telling you about the conferences we’re attending, the schools we’re visiting, the ideas and innovations that are exciting us, and the latest in our plans to make University High School an even better place for students.



Percent to $50,000 Goal for E.E. Ford Fellows Program

Dollars Raised to Date for E.E. Ford Fellows Program

Three Phases of the E.E. Ford Fellows Program

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three

Stories from the E.E. Ford Fellows Program

Where Does Deep Understanding Come From?

December is a harried time in schools. There is a constant rush to finish all the ‘one last’ things before the end of the semester. For many, this is coupled with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The weather turns colder; we all get tired. And, there is...

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