The University High school difference

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The University H.S. Difference

A University High School education emphasizes critical thinking, character building and intellectual stimulation.

  • Small school by design to give students the attention they need to succeed
  • Personal, challenging approach to education that leads to high-achieving students
  • Passionate, outstanding teachers with a wide array of experiences
  • Regular communications between students, parents and teachers
  • 100 percent college placement through four-year personalized college counseling
  • Personal connection made by teachers and staff with each student
  • Formal mentoring program that gives students the attention they need to succeed
  • Daily community meeting
  • Competitive, inclusive IHSAA sports program that gives every student the chance to participate in high school athletics
  • January Term, which focuses intensively on one subject and allows non-traditional classes
  • Multiple leadership openings for students that allow students to explore their talents and interests
  • Opportunity for every student to participate in many different activities simultaneously
  • Engaging nature of the school allows students unsure of their potential to try new things and bloom in unexpected ways
  • Close-knit community

At University High School, students cannot hide from challenge or get lost in the shuffle.

One of the best decisions we ever made - that is how we feel about University. From the beginning, it just felt right. From the first day I "shadowed" as a parent, I could tell something was different. You could feel it in the air. This was a place where students were valued and taken seriously. This was a place where students were known by name, not just by their teachers, but by most teachers. These teachers honestly cared about their students and were willing to spend the time, energy and effort to prove it. A one-on-one mentoring relationship was established for each student before she/he even arrived at school, and this relationship continues for four years. The individual attention these students received was amazing - whether from coaches, teachers, mentors, faculty or staff.

This is a place where students make a commitment not only to their school, but also to their community. Students are expected to "give back" by giving of their time and themselves to organizations such as School 54, an inner city school; Brooke's Place, a counseling center for grieving children; and the Lord's Pantry, a food pantry for the underprivileged.

Our daughter has grown in ways we could not have imagined. University has had a huge impact upon our lives and we remain thankful.

Joan Scherer