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Summer-Reading-2020Regardless of where we are, 2020 will forever be an inflection point in our lives.

From the quarantine this spring to the protests over racial injustice this summer to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the events we have lived through in the last few months have and will continue to impact each of us in lasting ways.

The idea behind summer reading at University High School is to give us a common place from which to start the school year. There is no better place for us to start 2020-21 than by leaning into where we are and what has shaped us in recent weeks.

University High School has compiled a list of articles that collectively serve as our summer reading assignment for 2020-21. These articles come from a wide variety of media but were all published between April and mid-June 2020. This is not an exhaustive list, but in here you’ll find a range of perspectives on what living in our world has been like these past few months.

Visit the Summer Reading page for reading tips and information about summer discussion sessions with Head of School Alicia LaMagdeleine.