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Hybrid Model

University High School plans to resume the hybrid learning model when the spring semester begins on Monday, Jan. 4. In the hybrid model, approximately half of the students are on campus each week and the other half is in e-learning. The hybrid model allows us to keep the total number of people on campus each day below 250, and it allows everyone to keep a 6’ physical distance in classrooms and common spaces.

We have split students into two hybrid learning groups (Cohort A and Cohort B, which are now visible on My BackPack), and those groups will alternate on-campus learning and synchronous e-learning on a weekly basis while hybrid learning is in effect.

HOW TO FIND Your Hybrid Learning Group

Are you in Cohort A or Cohort B? Students can find their hybrid learning cohort (either “A” or “B”) under the “Schedule” tab in My BackPack. In assigning these groups, we made every effort to accommodate siblings, carpool needs, and other special requests. We sought to split class rosters as evenly as possible and to have a fairly even distribution of students from each grade. Given these constraints, changes to course schedules will be more involved than normal as we balance these considerations. Please be mindful when submitting schedule change requests that responses may be delayed.  

Details on the Hybrid Learning Setup

Hybrid-Learning-LayoutHybrid learning is synchronous learning, just as University High School used in the spring 2020 semester. Students who are learning on campus will follow the same daily schedule as students who are in e-learning. University High School spent significant time this summer increasing the A/V capabilities in each classroom to facilitate the hybrid model, so students in e-learning will be able to see and participate in classes along with their on-campus peers. 

For example, in a class of eighteen students, the teacher will have approximately nine students sitting physically distanced in the classroom as well as approximately nine students participating by Zoom through a wall-mounted television. E-learning students will hear and engage with the on-campus class as normal via cameras and microphones we have placed in the classrooms. (See photo to the right for a Photoshop-aided depiction by senior Daniel Vesper.)

Spring 2021 Schedule Rotation in Hybrid Model

In the hybrid model, we will alternate by week which hybrid learning group is on campus and which is in e-learning. In the schedule grid below, gold days are days when Cohort A is on campus and Cohort B is in e-learning. Similarly, blue days are days when Cohort B is on campus and Cohort A is in e-learning.