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Common Questions

Ensuring a positive and enjoyable summer camp experience and protecting the health and safety of all people on our campus are the top priorities for University High School. Below please find answers to the most frequently asked questions about summer camp logistics and COVID-19 safety measures. 

Are face masks required?

Yes! Face masks must be worn by all people on the University High School campus. Masks may be removed at the following times: 

  • For eating and drinking at approved times (like the lunch period)
  • At the direction of a teacher or coach (such as during vigorous physical activity)
  • In designated outdoor spaces while maintaining physical distance from others. 

Disposable masks will be available at drop-off for those who forget a mask or damage their mask. 

If a student has a medical condition that makes them unable to wear a mask, the family should contact Summer Programs Coordinator Nila Nealy at nnealy@universityhighschool.org. We will work with you on accommodations. 

What is your plan for social distancing?

All of our rooms allow for 3’ spacing between students (and 6’ spacing from instructors) while seated. All students will face the same direction while seated. While standing or moving about a classroom, students will be reminded to keep a distance from other students.

What other safety measures will be employed?

Each classroom is equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectants for students and instructors to use throughout the day. Additionally, we will encourage proper handwashing before and after lunch for those students staying for a full day. 

Where will students eat lunch?

When possible, we will encourage students to eat lunch outdoors at a picnic table or our outdoor student lounge. 

If students choose to eat indoors, they will be spaced 6’ apart in classrooms or at the tables in the lobby. They will be permitted to remove their mask while eating, but they must put their mask back on when they are done. 

Students who will attend both morning and afternoon sessions should bring a sack lunch from home each day. Lunch is not provided. Additionally, no refrigerator storage will be available for student lunches. 

What should my student bring to camp each day?

In addition to any specific items the instructor requests, students should bring a face mask, a water bottle (labeled with their name), lunch (if needed), and prescription medications (if needed). 

How will drop off and pick up work?

Both drop off and pick up will be in the Fairbanks Hall lobby. For the morning session, drop off is from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. and pick up is from 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. For the afternoon session, drop off is from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. and pick up is from 4 – 4:30 p.m.

An adult must come inside each day to sign their student in and out of camp. 

All students will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at drop-off each morning. 

What if my student is exposed to or experiences symptoms of COVID-19?

Any student who is ill should stay home and not attend camp while ill. 

If a student is exposed to COVID-19 or experiences any symptoms of COVID-19, please contact Summer Programs Coordinator Nila Nealy at nnealy@universityhighschool.org for return-to-campus instructions.

Are there extended day options?

Before and after-care are not being offered in 2021.


Have a question that is not answered here? Email Nila Nealy or call her at 317-733-4475, ext. 125.