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How to Apply to University High School

Choosing a high school is a big decision, but we’re thrilled you’re considering University High School. Here are the required steps you’ll take to submit your application for admission to University High School.

Step 1: Create Your Admission Portal Account

The first step in applying for admission to University High School is to create your Admission Portal account. The Admission Portal is an online, password-protected platform where you can complete your application for admission, register for admission events, schedule your student’s shadow visit, and much more. You will also be able to track the status of your application for admission through this platform.

To create your Admission Portal account, you should first complete our online inquiry form. Once the inquiry form is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on accessing your portal account. If you have already completed the inquiry form, you can access your existing portal account here.

Step 2: Schedule a Shadow Visit & Register for Events

Once your portal account is created, a great next step is to schedule the student’s shadow visit at University High School. The day-long shadow visit is a required part of a student’s application for admission, and many families prefer to complete the shadow visit first before they complete the other sections of the application.

Under the “Campus Visits” section of the application for admission, you can choose the shadow visit date that works best for you. You will receive an email from the admission office once the visit is confirmed.

Also under the “Campus Visits” section of the application, you can register for upcoming Open House events, Prospective Parent Breakfasts, and Prospective Family Dinners. Attendance at these events is not required, but it is encouraged for families considering University High School.

Step 3: Complete the Student Information & Family Information Sections

Once your shadow visit is scheduled, you should complete the “Student Information” and “Family Information” sections of the application for admission.

The “Student Information” section collects basic information about the applying student, their interests, their current and previous schools, and more. There is also a student questionnaire that we ask students to complete on their own.

The “Family Information” section collects information about the parents/guardians of the applying student. There is also a parent/guardian questionnaire that allows adults to share more information about their student than the other sections allow.

Step 4: Submit School Records & Teacher Recommendation

Once you’ve submitted your student and family information, the “Required Documents” portion of the application will request copies of the student’s school records and at least one recommendation from a teacher. 

The academic records section allows you to download a records release form that you can submit to your student’s current school, or you may upload a PDF of your student’s current records yourself. The student’s records should include grades (current grades included), attendance records, discipline records, immunization records, and standardized test scores (if available) from the past two school years.

The teacher recommendation section allows you to enter at least one teacher’s name and email address to request that they submit a recommendation form on behalf of your student. The recommendation form will be emailed to the teacher instantaneously, and you will receive a confirmation message when the recommendation form is submitted. 

Step 5: Pay Application Fee & Submit

Once all other steps are complete, you’re ready to submit the application for admission!

The application deadlines for 2024-25 have now passed. However, we will continue to review applications for admission on a rolling basis until capacity is reached. Notification of admission decisions will typically come two weeks after a completed application is received.

A Note for International Applicants: While University High School has two application deadlines for our domestic student population, we offer rolling admission to international applicants. Please visit the admission tab of the International Student Program page for details.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the application process or the school itself, please contact one of our Directors of Admission. You can reach Taylor Newell at 317-733-4475, ext. 121 or tnewell@universityhighschool.org, or you can reach Ashley Crockett-Lohr at 317-733-4475, ext. 120 or acrockettlohr@universityhighschool.org.

University High School welcomes students without regard to race, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.