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Host Family Information

Host Family InformationBeing a host (also called “homestay”) family to an international student is a unique opportunity to gain different perspectives, explore new customs, share your culture and community, and develop relationships that last a lifetime.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about the homestay experience.

How long will I host a student?
Families may host international students for as short as a few weeks or as long as three to four years.

What if I’m not sure I can afford to host a student?
A stipend is provided to homestay families to cover core living expenses for the international student. While you won’t make an income by hosting a student, you will not incur significant expenses. In addition, you’ll gain a rich experience that your family will benefit from for years to come.

What if I am uncertain about bringing a student I don’t know into my home?
Sommer Craig, Host Family Coordinator and a host parent herself, will work with your family to prepare for a smooth transition and to maintain a successful host family experience.

How do I apply to host an international student?
Applications to become a homestay family are accepted year-round. University High School performs background checks on all homestay families and inspects all host family homes. To initiate a homestay family application, whether for six weeks or a full school year, contact Sommer Craig, Host Family Coordinator, at (317) 733-4475, ext. 159 or scraig@universityhighschool.org.