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Time to Transfer High Schools?

Student smiles while showing off their artwork in AP Art.Perhaps your family is moving to Central Indiana and looking for a warm yet challenging high school that will make your student feel at home.

Perhaps your student has fallen through the cracks at a big public high school and you’re looking for a place where they will be known, noticed, and valued.

Perhaps your student finds themself bored in class, and you’re looking for a place with teachers who can reignite their love of learning.

Perhaps your student hasn’t thrived in their high school environment and you’re looking for a place more in line with your family’s values and principles.

There are dozens of reasons families transfer to University High School each year. If you’re thinking about exploring other high school options and transferring to University High School, get started by clicking the inquiry button below or by contacting one of our Directors of Admission. You can reach Taylor Newell at 317-733-4475, ext. 121 or tnewell@universityhighschool.org, or you can reach Ashley Crockett-Lohr at 317-733-4475, ext. 120 or acrockettlohr@universityhighschool.org.

Student plays the violin in the University High School orchestra.


My University

My family is so lucky that we Found our way to University in 2021.


If it had not been for the pandemic, it is unlikely we would have searched for an alternative to a public high school for our son. However, now that we have found UHS, we realize that it is a better fit for our children’s education, regardless of the pandemic. Our sons are finding and confirming their life’s passions at UHS.

Jennifer Alcantara
Mother of Matthew (’23) and Benjamin (’26)