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transfer-high-school-to-UniversityTime to Transfer High Schools?

Perhaps your family is moving to Central Indiana and looking for a warm yet challenging high school that will make your student feel at home.

Perhaps your student has fallen through the cracks at a big public high school and you’re looking for a place where he will be known, noticed, and valued.

Perhaps your student finds herself bored in class, and you’re looking for a place with teachers who can reignite her love of learning.

Perhaps your student hasn’t thrived in his high school environment and you’re looking for a place more in line with your values and principles.

There are dozens of reasons families transfer to University High School each year. If you’re thinking about transferring to University High School, get started by contacting Nancy Webster, director of admission, at nwebster@universityhighschool.org or 317-733-4475, ext. 120.

The high School You’re Searching for is just a click away.


University High School Welcomes Transfer Students

Transfer students (students coming to us from another high school) are welcome at University High School. In fact, University High School welcomes 15 to 20 transfer students each school year. While most students transfer high schools between semesters or during the summer, University may allow a qualified student to transfer mid-semester if needed.

Transfer Student Application Process

Transfer student applicants may have certain elements of the application process waived depending on the situation. To learn how you can transfer high schools, please contact Taylor Newell, director of admission, at 317-733-4475, ext. 121 or via email at tnewell@universityhighschool.org.



My University

If I could do it all over again, I’d not go to any other school freshman year; I’d go straight here. That’s one of my biggest regrets. I really recommend people look into this school. If we had come to an Open House before I entered freshman year, I’m pretty sure we would’ve chosen University off the bat.

Class of 2013