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Check Out Our Virtual Info Sessions

Get an in-depth look at the curriculum and community at University High School — all from the comfort of your home!

University High School’s virtual information sessions were designed for prospective students and parents who wanted a more in-depth look at our school than an initial tour or shadow visit provided. Each session has a specific curricular focus, and each is led by teachers in those departments. In these sessions, you’ll hear about our teachers’ philosophies and approaches to student engagement, and you’ll learn how University students are prepared to succeed in collegiate coursework. 

VIEW Recordings of our fall 2020 Sessions

Simply click on any of the images below to play the recording of that information session. In fall 2020, we offered sessions on humanities, student life, math and science, and arts and world languages, so there should be something to interest every student.

*Note: In the math and science session recording, Alicia LaMagdeleine is incorrectly listed as Associate Head of School. She is actually our Head of School.