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spend some time AT UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL, and one word you’re bound to hear is “community.”

Community shows up in many ways at University. Our school has a daily community meeting, two Community Days each year, a common book we all read over the summer, a retreat that kicks off everyone’s freshman year, and lots of time just spent together as a community. We’re a community of learners, a community of athletes and artists, a community of people discovering who they are and figuring out what they love.

The best part of this — of being a high school that’s also a genuine community — is that no matter who you are and what’s important to you, you’re surrounded by people who accept you, who care about you, and who can make you the best version of yourself.

comm day work
comm day work
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Clubs AND activities

University High School’s clubs and activities help students make the most of these four years. Don’t see anything of interest? We’ll help you start something new.

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one-to-one mentoring

Mentoring is a beloved program at University High School. From the star athlete to the art prodigy, every student benefits from time spent with their mentor.

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Community meeting

To build a true community, spend time together. Every morning, our entire school gathers for a 15-minute community meeting where we do just that.

University High School gives you freedom. It wants to help you find out where you’re going and get you on your way. It tells you that you’re here for a reason, and that is because you have something to contribute to make the school better for everyone. University will celebrate your talents and encourage your ambitions. It will acknowledge your interests — be it composing, engineering, or even ghost hunting — and demand that you go explore them. Most importantly, it provides a comfortable place to learn and grow without all of the social stigmas that most high schools have.

Class of 2015