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Mentoring Program

There’s no school in Central Indiana that does mentoring quite like University High School. At University, every student has a faculty or staff mentor starting their very first day of school. Mentors help students transition into life at University, monitor their academic progress, help them navigate extracurricular and social questions, and celebrate each success along the way. By the time they graduate, many students are far more comfortable talking to trusted adults and advocating for their education thanks to mentoring.

Here’s how mentoring works. Each student is paired with a faculty or staff mentor based on interests and personality. Mentors and mentees schedule 30-45 minute meetings at least once every other week, but impromptu meetings often happen as well. These meetings cover everything from academic updates to favorite books and television shows. The student works with the same mentor for all four years of high school, and the mentor hands the student his/her diploma at graduation.

Izzy’s mentor was tuned in to her needs and helped Izzy adjust to life in high school. She communicated important things when needed and kept many confidences. She was a role model and friend, while still being a great teacher.
Kim Tikijian

Mother of Izzy ('15)

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