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Parent/Student/Mentor Conferences for the fall semester are coming up on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 10 and during regular school hours on Friday, Oct. 11. All parents should schedule a time to meet with their student’s mentor during these times.

At these meetings, the mentor will have a grade update as well as personalized comments from every one of the student’s teachers. This will serve as fodder for the conversation about the student’s progress in classes this semester. Students are present at conferences.

Note: Conference times and dates may vary for some faculty members.

Please email Kathy Davis to schedule a conference time with the following faculty in italics below. Please include the name of the student’s mentor.

Lade Akande, Kathleen Armato, Carolyn Bradley, Chris Bradley, Maggy Dean, Tom FitzGibbon, Meredith Hogan, Allyson Horton, Daniel Knox, Alicia LaMagdeleine, Franklin Oliver, Michael Spiegel, Wes Priest, Anna Seldner, Nancy Webster, and John Walls.

If your student’s mentor is not listed above, you will email the mentor directly to schedule your conference.