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The University Fund at Sagamore

Thanks to Indiana’s tax credit program, your gift to University High School through a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) is a win-win. It benefits the school and earns you substantial tax credits.

Why Give to the University Fund at Sagamore?

The University Fund at Sagamore makes a University High School education a reality for worthy students whose families cannot afford tuition on their own.

Indiana’s School Scholarship Tax Credit is available to individuals or corporations who donate to University High School through a state-certified Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). Funds donated through the Sagamore Institute (an SGO) to University High School are used as scholarships to attract high-caliber students who qualify for financial assistance. Individuals who make a contribution to the University Fund at Sagamore are eligible for a tax credit as defined by federal and state tax codes. Cash or non-cash assets may be donated. Download the SGO giving form here.

For information about tax benefits and to calculate tax savings, visit Sagamore Institute’s website. If you have additional questions, please contact Adrianne Glidewell-Smith, Director of Advancement, at 317-733-4479 or aglidewell@universityhighschool.org.

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We were pleased to learn about the investment benefits of giving to The University Fund at Sagamore. The tax savings are substantial, and they allow donors to provide additional contributions which support many University students.

Jean Buttrum

Mother of Emily ('13)