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Senior Art Showcase: Mary Rozembajgier

Welcome to Mary Rozembajgier’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

These works form a narrative of my journey coping with depression. I often feel I have two identities – the mask I wear around others, and the destructiveness in my head. These pieces convey this dichotomy by layering color over black and white photography.

This body of work began as a broad investigation of personal expression, so images 1-3 feature other subjects. As my concept evolved, my work became a self-portrait. For me, depression is a world lacking color – inspiring my use of black and white photography. “Help” in image 4 represents the murkiness of depression. “Hope”  is the turning point within this piece. Where yellow in the first three images represent chaos, in the second half of my work yellow softens the black and white. Image 6 was inspired by an analogy my therapist made: “depression is like a wet wool blanket.” Yet, the blanket is revisited in image 10, suggesting the addition of color allows the blanket to play a comforting role. Images 7-9 show how changes in thoughts, words, and outlook allow more color into my life. The incorporation of embroidery and painting alongside photography adds color and dimension, showing movement from a stark to vibrant world.

Click on each thumbnail to open up a full-sized version of the piece.

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