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Senior Art Showcase: Paloma Loudermilk Bhatia

Welcome to Paloma Loudermilk Bhatia’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

This sustained investigation abstracts systems of order and chaos as disorder slowly overshadows the structure. The chaos, which is shown by the abstract color and texture, masks the order, which is represented by images, patterns, and text in order to perpetuate the idea that disorder is the natural state of a society. I visually conveyed the contrast between societal symbols of stability and security (e.g. religion and laws) and the disorder of the world.

This investigation’s concept was the result of experimentation as image 1 resulted from an error where I attempted to cover a piece up and loved the texture and imbalance. Throughout this series’ development, I played with an image/text being obscured by abstract patterns in order to convey a lack of balance in our society. I incorporated texture and other visual elements, such as rips, in order to further convey my concept of chaos presuming order. Throughout the development of my pieces, I wanted to create an entire body of work that demonstrates systems of order turning to chaos as they become masked by paint. For example in image 7, paint masks newspaper, demonstrating the destruction of a false system of security.

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