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Senior Art Showcase: Siyu “Katherine” Zhong

Welcome to Katherine Zhong’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

This set of work uses magical-realism to explore how a human’s consciousness can merge into the surrounding environment and create otherworldly beauty that challenges perspectives of reality.

Defamiliarization, an artistic technique that presents common things in unfamiliar or strange ways and evokes a new perspective, inspired me to apply abstraction and magical-realism to the natural world and distort it to create whimsical scenes. The distinct divisions aimed to create a tension between the mild character of natural object and its bizarre combination with distorted color and space.

I started to produce art that explores the subject’s coherence with the environment. My goal is to convey emotion and psychological states through the color palette and arrangement of background. There is a sense of apprehension between the subjects in the work that can be felt as their gaze often diverts away from the viewer, lost in their own thoughts. The unnatural color and twisting patterns are meant to create an abstract and surreal environment for the scenario, as the anatomy of the figures become ornamentation, and the ornamentation becomes anatomy.

Click on each thumbnail to open up a full-sized version of the piece.

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