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Spring Art Showcase: Sophia Fisher

Welcome to Sophia Fisher’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

These pieces capture the still present beauty in the world, while referencing the interconnectedness between us as humans and our dependence of but also our destruction of natural resources through consumption.

Through visual elements such as flowers and real trash combined with my own painterly style, the link between humans and the natural environment is conveyed to the viewer. Images 1-5 call out the general human consumption patterns that invade the natural world. For example, 3-5 use retail receipts to represent the physical manifestation of constant human consumption. Images 6 and 7 portray the juxtaposition of an oil mogul and an environmental policy maker. The poses of the figures and the collage elements are directly tied to their chosen careers. My work concludes with myself implemented in three stages. These pieces show how I can be ignorant to the fact that myself, as a contributor to society, has disturbed the natural world. Images 8, 9, & 10 illustrate the saying “hear no, see no, speak no evil”, as I felt that individuals can often view themselves as “innocent bystanders” in regards to the climate crisis without taking blame for our invasion of the natural world.

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