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Hank the Trailblazer, Official Unofficial Mascot

Hank the Trailblazer, Official Unofficial Mascot

Hank the Trailblazer is the official unofficial mascot of University High School. He started wearing UHS apparel and roaming our halls in 2015, and we offered him an official gig in 2017.


Currently working toward his University High School dog-ploma

Past Experience

Being a dog
Wearing sweaters
Attending school-sponsored events
Job shadowing with University High School’s college counseling department

What do you like about working at University High School?

There is so much to love about University High School! The students are always offering to scratch my belly, there are lots of good places to curl up and take a nap, and the colors — navy and gold — look great with my fawn complexion. Plus, the 115-acre campus is a great place for me to run and explore. I love being a Trailblazer!

Personal Information

Hank is a 7-year-old pug. He lives in Indianapolis with his human, Lade Akande, University High School’s Director of College Counseling. When not visiting classes, roaming the halls, or attending sporting events at University High School, he can be found resting at home, wearing fashionable sweaters, studying up on the mascot habits of Butler Blue II, and enjoying life.

Contact Hank

Email: hank@universityhighschool.org
Instagram: Hank the Trailblazer