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Peter Laliberte, Computer Science Instructor

Peter-Laliberte-Computer-SciencePeter Laliberte, Computer Science Instructor

Mr. Laliberte is a computer science teacher at University High School. He joined our faculty in 2016.


A.S. in Computer Science, ITT

Past Experience

Owner, BurgZerg Arcade, Application Development

2023-24 Courses

3-D Modeling & Animation
AP Computer Science A
Introduction to Computer Science
Quantum Computing

What do you like about working at University High School?

I love doing new and different things, and University High School is is definitely a different experience than most high schools. It is just uncommon these days to find a school that really feels like a large extended family.

Personal Information

I moved to the United States in 2003 when I got married. Since that time, I have become a father and discovered the joy of teaching. After the mobile boom, I started teaching game development online, then eventually in live class rooms. Most of my spare time is spent chasing my son around and dropping him off at his martial arts class when he is not out chasing Pokemon.

Contact Peter

Telephone: (317) 733-4475, ext 125
Email: plaliberte@universityhighschool.org