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2022 Freshman Retreat

Students at University High School come from many different cities, neighborhoods, and schools. In order to give all of our incoming freshmen a shared experience in their first week as Trailblazers, we started a new tradition in 2014 — the Freshman Retreat.

The Freshman retreat

The Freshman Retreat involves a good mix of team-building activities and upperclassman-led discussions. At the end of the two-day retreat, freshmen will have made new friends, gotten to know people from other middle schools, and begun to build a cohesive class of Trailblazers.

The 2022 Freshman Retreat will be Tuesday, August 16 – Wednesday, August 17 at Jameson Camp in Indianapolis, IN.

Completed forms are due to Ashley Crockett-Lohr at acrockettlohr@universityhighschool.org by Monday, Aug. 15.


With questions about the freshman retreat, please contact Ashley Crockett-Lohr, director of communications, at acrockettlohr@universityhighschool.org.

View a Video from a Past Freshman Retreat