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This September, several members of the University community participated in the 2022 Indianapolis Regional Make48 Invention Competition! Described as “the world’s fastest invention competition,” Make48 events “strive to bring superior creator experiences to makers of all ages and backgrounds.”

The Indianapolis event focused on the topic of “Food Preservation: Food At The Right Place At The Right Time.” Competing teams were given the challenge of creating a prototype for a suitable “Food Locker” that can safely store pre-cooked meals for community members locations around the city.

Junior Jayden Seaton participated in the challenge with his family – his parents, Bryant and Shondria, and sister, Jordyn. The family chose “Super Seatons” as their team name.

“Participating in Make48 and allowing for a large amount of creativity to flow was very fun and a great experience to be a part of,” said junior Jayden Seaton. “The technical parts of the Make48 contest and getting to do that with my family was definitely something that was a highlight for me as we came up with ideas, methods, and solutions to the given problem. This was a very enlightening experience, that was also tiring, that I definitely enjoyed and found great value in.”

Additionally, contestants from last year’s Make48 Indianapolis event returned to serve as tool techs and volunteers. University freshman Miles Suarez-Davis, whose team went to nationals last year, came back to assist in this year’s event!

“Last year, [our team] finished that long 48 hours winning second place, and in May of last year, we went to nationals,” said Suarez-Davis. “That was the end of our journey as a team together, but this year I went back to Make48 Indianapolis as a tool tech and a builder for the teams. I will again be at the national championship this year, but as a tool tech instead of a competitor.”

For Make48’s second time being hosted in Indiana, the event was held inside the Fishers Make Playground in Fishers, Indiana.

Check out all of this year’s Make48 competitions and watch Miles and the Seaton family participate in Season 5 of Make48, which is now airing on PBS stations across the country and on pbs.org!

See what the “Super Seatons” had to say about their experience participating in the competition:

“I really enjoyed the Make48 competition! It was awesome to be a part of the process of ideation, design, and development on a new innovation that could provide help to those that do not have access to healthy food,” said Bryant Seaton, parent of junior Jayden Seaton. “It was fun, exciting, stressful, exhausting, and ultimately worth it!”

“The Make48 competition was very interesting…it was a hard challenge, yet it was a great learning lesson, and it taught me to be a better teammate and to work hard and persevere through hard challenges. This competition was a great experience, and I would love to do it again!” said Jordyn Seaton.

“Participating in Make48 meant quality family time on another level, an “innovative” level. We were able to come together as a family and flex our collective creative muscle under a little pressure to produce a meaningful solution for food preservation. This gave a new meaning to the phrase often used jokingly, ‘now go solve world hunger’,” said Shondria Seaton, parent of junior Jayden Seaton. “Participating in Make48 Indianapolis allowed the kids to see how every member of the community can do something to make an impact. With a little intentionality and insight into the problems that plague a community,  solutions can be created to help. In this case, it was getting healthy food options to underserved communities that are typically in food deserts, but also helping them with a hand-up mentality not a hand-out. Teamwork truly makes the dream work.”

Nice job to University community members Miles Suarez-Davis and the Seaton family!

Photos provided by Make48.