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Earlier this week, we shared the schedule for the final two weeks of the 2021 spring semester — the weeks of Monday, May 3 and Monday, May 10.

These final two weeks of classes will include final exams and will coincide with the two weeks of AP testing. Students should plan to be on campus to take their AP exams, even if their cohort is in e-learning that day.

Gold indicates Cohort A on campus and Cohort B in e-learning. Blue indicated Cohort B on campus and Cohort A in e-learning. Grey indicates no school.

Classes will meet every period (on the R1/R2 schedule rotation) until the semester ends on Wednesday, May 12. Cohort A will be on campus the week of Monday, May 3. However, in an attempt for each student to finish the semester with an in-person R1 day and an in-person R2 day, we are alternating on-campus groups for the final four days of the semester.

About Final Exams

Many classes do not plan to give a traditional final exam. However, for the ones that will give a final exam (such as Biology, math, world languages), those exams will be given in-person by cohort group. Students will get details from their teachers.


The schedule for AP exams is set by the College Board and cannot be changed by University High School. In the case of a conflict between a final exam in a UHS class and an AP exam, students would either take the UHS final exam with the other cohort group or take the UHS final exam during the seminar periods on May 7 or May 10.

Mentors will help manage these conflicts and help students plan accordingly. If a student has four exams or projects due in one day, they may request (via their mentor) to move the due date for one project to the other cohort’s day.