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Final exams for the fall semester are coming up! Exams will be held Tuesday, Dec. 19 – Thursday, Dec. 21, 2023. Monday, Dec. 18 will be a U Day.

Here’s the schedule for the three days of exams:

  • If a teacher assigns a final project or paper instead of an exam, they may not require students to be on campus during the exam time. However, students who are on campus during an exam time should sit in the classroom (for accountability purposes) even if there is no exam.
  • Students don’t have to report to campus until the time of their first exam. Students may also leave campus following their last exam of the day. Students may not leave campus in between exams.
  • Students who have three exams on Tuesday can opt to move one exam to the flex period on Wednesday or to a study hall. Students should work with their mentor and teacher to arrange this.


Students must arrange final exams with extended time with the Learning Support Services department. The extended time schedule, for students who qualify, is as follows:


With instructor approval, seniors may opt out of up to two final exams in the year where they have an A- or higher going into the final exam. Some classes may not permit the opt-out option.

Seniors may not opt out of both the fall and spring exams in the same class/discipline. Two advanced English electives or two advanced social studies electives are considered the equivalent of a full year.