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Today, Alicia LaMagdeleine announced that Ashley Crockett-Lohr will be joining Taylor Newell as Director of Admission for next year. As the Director of Communications for the past 10 years, Ashley has worked closely with Taylor and retiring Director of Admission Nancy Webster and will transition into the position in July 2023 following Nancy’s retirement at the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year.

A Message from Alicia LaMagdeleine, Head of School

Thursday, November 10, 2022

University community,

When Nancy Webster announced her retirement earlier this year, her partner in this work, Taylor Newell, said that the task before us was not to replace Nancy – because no one can truly replace Nancy – but to find the ‘next right person’ to be the Director of Admission at University High School.

I am pleased to announce that with unanimous recommendation from the hiring committee, Ashley Crockett-Lohr, our current Director of Communications, will be joining Taylor as a Director of Admission at University. Ashley has worked closely with Nancy and Taylor throughout her 11-year tenure at our school, and she will continue to do so until she officially transitions into this role on July 1, 2023.

If you have had the chance to talk with Ashley, even for a few minutes, it is clear that she loves this place. The students. The sense of community. Our values. Ashley embodies the heart and the soul of University in whatever she does. She cares about telling its story, stewarding its spirit, and cultivating its membership. In her cover letter for this position, Ashley writes,

“I relish meeting prospective students and parents, full of excitement and fear about high school, and helping them imagine what life could be like here. And I love when others realize, as I did, that their gut feelings about this place are right. University isn’t too good to be true; rather, it is good, and it is true.”

It is good and it is true that Ashley is the next right person for University. She has already elevated our level of strategy around student recruitment in her current role, and her enthusiasm and unbridled joy for our community are unmatched. She will not replace her predecessor, but I am excited to see Ashley build on the framework Nancy established all those years ago and to have her and Taylor continue to lift up the student-centered approach to learning that has become the hallmark of University High School.

Thank you to the admission hiring committee. We will begin the process to find our next right Director of Communications in the coming weeks.