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No matter the subject—visual arts, science, math, English—Alex Altenburg (’24) is about the interconnectedness of things. “There’s a constant dialogue between these different areas, and they’re way more similar than one might expect. Noticing patterns and connections between these different realms has allowed me to grow in all of them simultaneously.”

She’s perhaps best known throughout the school as an incredibly talented artist. Even to the casual observer, Alex’s work has great depth. “I’ve dedicated myself to pushing the concepts to truly tell a story and communicate who I am through my art.” But her work isn’t limited to the canvas. “I’ve also been involved in stage production and set building, which has been a great way to exercise leadership and lead a group in creating this big, beautiful thing.”

Outside of the studio and away from the stage, Alex’s interest in environmental conservation guides her pursuits in science and math. And studying English expands her worldview. “Our English teachers are amazing. Some of the most thoughtful and meaningful moments I’ve had in my high school career have come from my English classes. Those moments have guided me in figuring out who I am, where I belong in this world, and how I interact with the people and the community around me. In turn, that advises my other studies.”

Alex has been able to indulge her curiosity deeply because of the environment at University. “Everyone here is so supportive. It’s such an interwoven network of support that you can ask for help. People give it to you lovingly and without any judgment.” Alex holds up her mentor, Tasha Barger, and our theatre director, Callie Hartz, as exemplars of this trust and support. “They give you the tools you need to succeed and guide you through every step of the way.”

From the moment she first stepped into Fairbanks Hall, Alex sensed the warm interactions between teachers and students, and she knew this was the place for her. “I am 1,000% the person I am today because I came here for high school. I’ve developed so many relationships that I treasure with this faculty, with teachers, with peers, and with other students and underclassmen. I will never forget the relationships I formed here and the development I went through.”

Alex recognizes that school is about far more than grades—it’s about life. “Education teaches you how to think about yourself, how to live your life, and how to treat the world and each other. It reminds you that we’re all human beings. And by learning, we can try to get closer to one another and make the world a better place. University is unique in that it really emphasizes this aspect of education. That’s very special about University.”