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University High School’s spring musical, Grease, is this weekend! Shows will be at 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 10; Friday, June 11; and Saturday, June 12.

Due to the possibility of inclement weather, we have moved the show back to University High School. If weather cooperates, we will be outdoors under the Andrews Hall awning. If it thunderstorms, we will be indoors in the gym.


Sandy Dumbrowski – Mollie Shourd
Danny Zuko – Keegan Priest
Betty Rizzo – Molly Bickle
Frenchy – Elsie McNulty
Marty – Megan Knuckles
Jan – Brooke Paganelli
Doody – Zac Schneider
Kenickie – Pierce Garino-Heisey
Sonny Latierri – Leyton Bennett
Roger – Lucas Miller
Vince Fontain – Daniel Vesper
Cha-Cha – Leah Shields
Mrs. Lynch – Penny Watson
Eugene Florczyk – Shay Orentlicher
Jo-Jo Casino – Geri Mishra
Patty Simcox – Kait Miller
Teen Angel – Lauren Porter
Radio Singer – Audrey Priest
Burger Palace Boys – Josiah Hughes, Geri Mishra, Daniel Vesper
Pink Ladies – Audrey Priest, Natalie Fiur
Chorus – Brooke Banta, Khari Dennis, Natalie Fiur, Riley Waybright, Sophia Hwang, Celeste Hastings
Featured Dancers – Kharee Hoggs, Courtney Bradley, Leah Shields