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This spring, senior Keegan Priest and junior Lucca Conti completed individual service projects toward earning the rank of Eagle Scout. In choosing their projects, each Scout worked with the school to ensure the resulting items were needed and usable long term. Keegan built compost bins and whiteboards, and Lucca built two picnic tables.

While the building experience was “rocky” for Keegan, he said, “I learned a lot about myself as a leader, and it was a really rewarding experience. Knowing that I was helping both my community and the environment with the boxes and other renovations to the outdoor classroom really made me proud of the work that we were able to do! I hope that the community will utilize the compost bins and whiteboards in the future!”

The demanding nature of the projects was a theme with both Scouts. “Building these tables was quite a challenge,” Lucca commented. “I could not have done these tables without the help of my father. Due to the lockdown, we could not have other boy scouts over to work on these tables, so the work that was supposed to be done by several people was done by two.” While the work was challenging, Lucca said it was worth it. “The tables came out beautiful and should last the school for years to come.”

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts, and only around 5% of all Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts.