Elise Lockwood graduated from University High School in 2010 and is currently the Marketing and Promotions Manager at IndyFringe. Below Elise answers questions about her college experience and how University prepared her for DePauw University and beyond.

What have you been up to since leaving University?
After I graduated from University, I attended DePauw University, where I graduated with a degree in English Writing. When I first graduated, I came back to University and worked as an External Relations Associate and also worked for Young Adult author John Green’s Indianapolis-based company as the Office Manager and Script Supervisor. Now, I work as the Promotions and Marketing Manager at IndyFringe, a theatre in Indianapolis with both a year-round season and a huge theatre festival in the summer.

How do you feel University best prepared you for college?
I never took a class in college that was more difficult than Ms. Dean’s Revolutionary Europe class. I had more experience studying and much more experience writing longer research papers. I knew how to communicate with professors and how to manage my time. University required me to be an independent student responsible for my own failure or success and that truly helped me.

Do you see that the core values you learned at University still apply to your life now? How?
Creativity has always been incredibly important to me. It’s something required daily in my job and I love that it’s included as a core value. It’s also astounding to me how many adults do not necessarily always follow “Mutual Respect, Support, and Trust.” The whole world could benefit from some core values.

What’s your best University memory?
Alicia LaMagdeleine’s Poetry class was an adventure from beginning to end for me. She took us to a reading at Butler University that got canceled at the last minute and instead we walked around campus writing poetry and yelling it out into the woods.

Have you done an internship? If so, where was it, what did you do, and how do you think it is going to help you in the future?
I did internships for five years. Since I knew I wanted to work in the theatre industry, internships were incredibly valuable in beefing up my resume and giving me experience before I actually entered the workforce. I was very lucky to be in the position where I could take unpaid or barely-paid internships every summer from the time I graduated University to when I graduated college. I was an intern at Indianapolis Civic Theatre, NUVO, IndyFringe, and Berkshire Playwrights Lab. I know that being an intern at IndyFringe was a large part of why they hired me for my current job.

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