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Isaac-Mervis-AlumniISAAC MERVIS, CLASS OF 2015

Isaac Mervis graduated from University High School in 2015 and is currently a junior at Davidson College studying education and community studies. Below Isaac answers a few questions about his college experience and how University prepared him for life at Davidson.

What have you been up to since leaving University?

I am currently a junior at Davidson College in North Carolina. I am an Education and Community Studies Major and a potential Music major/minor. At Davidson, I am on a music scholarship, in the chorale, in an a cappella group, in a campus band, a Davidson Outdoors Trip Leader, a Freshman Hall Counselor with Residence Life, the Head of Sustainability on the Greek Life Executive Committee, and the owner of a thriving Bed and Breakfast.

How do you feel University best prepared you for college?

University gave me a lot of experience and a deep appreciation for building strong relationships. At University, it felt safe to go outside of my comfort zone because I knew that my friends were going to be there to pick me up when I fell down. Going to Davidson, I was intentional about building similar relationships, and I was able to become comfortable enough to branch out and try new things. Now I am involved in and passionate about things on campus that I had never even thought of being involved in while at University.

Do you see that the core values you learned at University still apply to your life now? How?

The core values that I learned at University absolutely still apply to my life now. At Davidson, each student signs an Honor Code that binds them to a code of conduct similar to that of the core values. This Honor Code creates an incredible sense of community and trust among the student body and between the professors and the students.

Please share your best University memory.

One of my fondest memories from University was when our study hall group, known as Squad 3, held an Open House for our members during our study hall period. We announced it right before (during morning meeting) and tons of people showed up. We had one bag of chips, one jar of salsa, the game Twister, and we played music out of my phone amplified inside of a cup. We made everyone who came by sign the guest books we had created. Every time I think of that day, I just start laughing. Also, I miss our fearless leader, Julia Wang.

What has been the most valuable experience you have had since leaving University?

The past two summers I had the privilege to teach in a program called Summerbridge Hong Kong. The program targets students ages 14-16 in Hong Kong that are systematically disadvantaged within the education system because they have a lower socioeconomic status or are recent immigrants. The program focuses on English language development and building life skills. It employs high school and college students and allows them to create their own curriculum and teach what they are passionate about. Summerbridge HK is truly a one-of-a-kind community. The connections I have made with teachers and students there are priceless and have had such a profound impact on me. This opportunity was also made possible because of University, as I would not have known about it without the recommendation of Collin Lawrence. I would endorse this program to anyone and everyone, because it truly is life-changing. This program confirmed my interest in pursuing a degree in education, and it is the subject of my undergraduate thesis. If you are interested in applying or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (ismervis@davidson.edu) or to Mr. Lawrence.