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University alumni Kyle Suico (’19) was driven by his curiosity, exploring topics ranging from bitcoin and economic policy to artificial intelligence. He was a person unparalleled in his dedication to these topics, eager to learn more and share this interest with the world. His curiosity was something that brightened the environment around him as well. His curiosity was infectious, expanding the knowledge that others around him had of the topics he focused on. This award is supported by the family of Kyle’s good friend, UHS alumnus Christian Moore.

Primary Criteria:

The Kyle Suico Curiosity Scholarship is awarded annually to a University High School senior who, like Kyle, is driven by curiosity and has succeeded while having learning differences.


A $500 award, to be used toward education expenses, is presented at University High School’s Prize Day ceremony.

Selection Process:

University High School seniors who are eligible can apply for the scholarship. UHS faculty then select 2-3 candidates, based on the student demonstrating their match with the scholarship criteria. The Moore family and UHS faculty then meet to select the final awardee.


  • Possessing learning differences and/or neurologic difference
  • Projected to graduate and attend an institute of higher education
  • No significant discipline issues
  • Submit an application in the form of a one-page essay or two-minute video or audio recording as detailed below


Write a one-page essay or two-minute audio or video recording addressing one of the following prompts:

  • How has your leaning difference or neurologic diversity shaped your learning at UHS?
  • How have you shown academic curiosity at UHS?

Timeline for 2023 Awarding:

  • April 1, 2023: Application process opens
  • April 28, 2023: Applications due to Dave Vesper
  • Early May: Faculty committee and Moore family review applications
  • Late May: Selection complete
  • May 26, 2023: Awardee is announced at Prize Day Ceremony