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Senior Art Showcase: Joe Bang

Welcome to Joe Bang’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

This body of works reflects my personal experience through life, and my perception of events or changes in my life.

Using text and abstraction I have worked to create pieces that signify my past relationships, thoughts, conversations, or experiences. This body of work is abstract to let everyone else draw something from it, for themselves, from their life. To me, it is not the piece that is relevant; it is the thought it creates for the viewer. My investigation shows practice and experimentation through my use of media, like screen-printing, photography, and painting. There are several hand painted text pieces, which are my favorite, as there is much more personality and humanity in the piece, opposed to screen-printing.  This body of work is completely void of color to represent a great contrast between the event and my perception, opposing sides, and duality. Black and white gives no room for grey or color, making a deep and vivid contrast in one’s mind.

Click on each thumbnail to open up a full-sized version of the piece.

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