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Stewardship Council is the voice of the University High School student body, and on Friday, students voted to choose their representatives for the 2019-20 school year. In addition to annual projects like Winter Formal and Ulympics, last year’s Stewardship Council coordinated the installation of a water bottle filler on the second floor of Fairbanks Hall, ran the inaugural March Madness basketball tournament (3-on-3 basketball tournament and bracket competition), and coordinated a program allowing seniors to leave campus for lunch on selected days each semester. Additionally, three members of Stewardship Council organized the all-school alien abduction activity at the end of the first week of school.

Stewardship Council representatives for 2019-20 are as follows:

Class of 2023 (9th Grade)
Jaclyn Copeland
Liam Coveney
Cate Dollins
Mena Morcos
Audrey Priest

Class of 2022 (10th Grade)

Bayan Abdullah
Ronelle Dorant
Sam Fogelson
Abby Hannon
Jordan Herbst
Olivia Morrison

Class of 2021 (11th Grade)
Caine Ardayfio
Grace Brenner
Derrick Brown
Ben Ewer
Sophia Fisher
Kharee Hoggs
Sam Lautenbach
Keegan Priest
Hayden Suarez-Davis
Garrett Smith
Daniel Vesper

Class of 2020 (12th Grade)
Q Berry
Eric Bonar
Gloria Davidova
Faizan Eskar
Ella Eskenazi
Olivia Hakes
Noah Laramore
Zach Loudermilk
Rhett Offenbacher
Mary Rozembajgier