Summer-Reading-2018Are you tired of sheep? What The Shepherd’s Life explores, Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work continues.

Callings, a collection of StoryCorps interviews and the 2018 summer reading selection for University High School, asks us to consider the ways in which our callings, or professions, can help us to lead more fulfilling lives. From bricklayers to doctors, Callings illustrates how simultaneously universal and unique a true calling is. Many in the book had what we might consider loftier dreams. Some hoped to go to college, but their families could not afford it. Some had wanted to major in something seemingly impractical, but life forced them to consider practicality above passion. In each story, though, individuals show how a job can transform over time to become a calling. In each story, the distinct career matters much less than the meaning the individuals pull from it.

As the 2018 summer reading selection, Callings will urge University High School students and faculty to consider what we each feel called to do. We will explore these ideas within the context of our values and our notions of success.

Download the 2018 summer reading guide for more information on the book as well as six questions to consider while you read.

If you have any questions regarding summer reading, please contact Alicia LaMagdeleine, assistant head of school, at or (317) 733-4475, ext. 132.