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Last week, Head of School Alicia LaMagdeleine, Spanish Instructor Mercedes Muñiz-Peredo, and French and English Instructor Christopher Hindsley attended the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) Conference in St. Paul, MN. 

“The ISACS Annual Conference is a great time for us to connect with teachers and schools who aren’t in our own backyard,” said Alicia LaMagdeleine. “Doing so allows us to learn from places and educators around the region to see how others approach education. It also gives us a chance to share what is powerful about University’s approach to pedagogy.”

In addition to attending various sessions presented at the conference, Muñiz-Peredo and Hindsley gave a presentation on University’s January Term (J-Term), which is a class given for three weeks in January, between the first and second semesters, where students take a break from their usual classes and immerse themselves in a single subject of their choosing. From robotics to soccer, from protest art to cake decorating, our J-Term topics change each year, but students always enjoy the opportunity to learn something new, travel, and focus on a single subject. 

“During our session, we explained the concept of January Term and how it is designed and organized,” said Christopher Hindsley. “We gave examples of various J-Term classes and had participants mimic the process of brainstorming J-Term topics and the process of collaborating to create a J-Term class.”

ISACS serves more than 240 member schools, offering accreditation services, professional development, and opportunities for networking in thirteen states “to uplift the educational experience and formation of the next generation.” Their “mission is to lead schools in providing exemplary education. [They] are committed to fostering and furthering equitable, affirming, safe and just environments for schools.”