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University High School is excited to announce that Assistant Director of College Counseling Whitney Matter will step into the role of Director of College Counseling in July following Maddy MacAllister’s departure at the end of the 2022-23 school year. In this role, Whitney will ensure that University students and families continue to experience the dedicated, personalized college counseling program that has become a hallmark of our school. 

Maddy shared with students this week that she will step down as Director of College Counseling after the school year. She graduated from University in 2005 and has been part of University’s staff since 2011, but the time is right for her to prioritize family, especially her young children (and future Trailblazers) Norah and Faris.

“I was fortunate enough that my parents could pick us up and take us to school,” said Maddy. “My favorite time growing up that I got to spend with my dad was when he picked us up and took us to school. That’s something that I feel like I’m missing out on, just spending more time with my family. I love the kids at University like they’re my own, but I also want to spend more time with my kids.”

Maddy has been a fixture at University High School not only because of her personality full of positivity, warmth, stability, and knowledge, but also due to the many roles she’s held at our school. She’s coached girls soccer, girls basketball, softball, and cheerleading. She’s been a PE and health teacher, a digital media teacher, and a yearbook teacher. Once she taught math during a teacher’s maternity leave. And she’s been working in college counseling since 2012. Maddy has built relationships with colleges in all parts of the country, and countless alumni thank her for helping them find and gain admission to their best-fit college. 

“I will always remember my relationships with students,” said Maddy. “It truly is who I am and what I’m part of. It’s also been so cool to watch the school grow. I started attending University the second year of the school’s existence and was in the second graduating class. Watching the school mature, but keep the same bones it’s always had is the coolest thing. I also love that if we have a dream or want to make something happen, we can make it happen here. Most specifically, the coolest thing that I think we’ve done in college counseling is when we decided to have our college showcase during the day and brought in colleges from all over the country to have representatives spend time with the students — that was just really cool. It’s cool to have the initiatives that we have here and watch them happen.”

“The transition is bittersweet,” added Whitney. “I’m excited for Maddy, and I’m excited for a new opportunity, but it’s hard to imagine this place without her. She built University’s college counseling program from the ground up, and in our time together, she has taught me an immense amount of institutional (and otherwise) knowledge. I look forward to building on the firm foundation she’s laid and to seeing her back on campus as much as her new path allows.”

During the 2022-23 school year, Maddy and Whitney have built strong rapport with students and helped the Class of 2023 navigate a successful college selection process. College representatives rave about working with Maddy and Whitney, and students feel welcomed in the college counseling office and are comfortable visiting to ask questions on just about anything. 

“Through every phase of the craziness that happens in college counseling, Whitney has just been sturdy, stoic, so mature, and the most fun person to work with,” said Maddy. “I feel like we are in such good hands with Whitney, and she’s going to do such amazing things and really just continue the legacy that our college counseling program has had here.”

Please join us in congratulating Whitney Matter on her new role as Director of College Counseling and thanking Maddy for her years of heartfelt work for University High School!