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A Legacy Story: Richard Conn

His earnestness was undeniable.

Richard Conn was steadfast in his respect for education. He understood the transformative power of technology. He relished any opportunity to be a Trekkie. It took mere moments for him to sense that, at University High School, he was with people who shared his values and interests.

Our time with Richard was a whirlwind. For four months before he passed away in 2016, the retired Army captain, software engineer, and college professor invested in our community. He read every word on our website. He came to graduation, interviewing students and parents in the audience as the graduates filed in. He used his connections at Microsoft to secure one of its newest technologies – the HoloLens – for our computer science students. He inspired students to join the Cyber-Seniors Year of Service group and mentor senior citizens through how to use the Internet. In just four short months, he left our school better than he found it.

Richard’s final good deed for University High School was including a bequest in his will and joining the group that is now known as the Legacy Society. This gift, in part, will fund the work he began with our students, but it will also support the school’s vision and work as a whole. In our work to expand the hearts and minds of students, Richard’s legacy lives on.