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Senior Art Showcase: Cole Mamayek

Welcome to Cole Mamayek’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

I’ve experienced a lot of varying opinions in my life that have affected how I see situations, as has everyone. This topic has guided me into exploring what makes people who they are. The side topic of development and childhood was my main focus for my beginning pieces with the colorful characters (images 1,4,5) symbolizing how we all have important memories that stick with us from our childhoods. I also tried to express how one’s surroundings contribute to their personality and their character as seen in the artwork with a prominent background (images 3,6). I then slowly transitioned into the idea of how certain situations you have experienced are key contributors to who you are. This is represented in the pieces with more white space to emphasize specific memories (images 8,9). Image 7, which says “Pamietamy” (We Remember) is focused on how oppression of any kind builds character from these tragic experiences. Through these topics I have tried to summarize what makes each individual who they are and how all of these factors amount to one’s developing personality.

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