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Senior Art Showcase: Cordell Wilson

Welcome to Cordell Wilson’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

This body of work is an exploration of the internal conflict between femininity & masculinity in society and the implications it has on sexual and gender identity. When our true identities don’t fit societal expectations, we are left feeling isolated and vulnerable.

I guided my exploration through experimentation with cross-stitch. In the body of work, I depict idealized masculine figures. Through strict line and form, I build up this male figure, which is then contrasted with the feminine imagery. The concept of femininity is represented by beading and natural imagery.

Embroidery and textiles remind us of a warm knitted afghan or of an intricately stitched “home sweet home”. I wanted to contrast the hominess of this traditional Midwest art-form, through different styles of embroidery, beading, and appliqué, and contrast the warm nostalgia, by questioning the social structures of gender and sexuality that are reinforced in society. The comfortable nostalgia of the medium is contrasted with the imagery that challenges how comfortable we should feel.

The beading in my body of work represents society’s traditional femininity and the beauty and freedom that comes with it.

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