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Senior Art Showcase: Noah Laramore

Welcome to Noah Laramore’s online art portfolio.

From the artist:

My AP investigation is about me being a black man in the world and how that affects my experience with emotion and feelings. Almost all of my pieces are a juxtaposition of realistic and more cartoon like styles. I use the mix to show that my emotions/experiences are layered and deeper than a surface level feeling.

While the pieces are somewhat representational, they all have distinct meaning. An example is image 2, titled “Isolation.” This image depicts a sweatshirt where the head is replaced by a planet. The lone planet is represents my own feelings of isolation and is meant to convey how loneliness makes you feel displaced. Another example is image 10, titled “Expectations.” I depict myself surrounded by graffiti that stereotypes black men. This is a representation of how I feel the world expects black men to be one thing, and how I sit outside those stereotypes. I used the piece’s titles to steer the viewer because they are all meant to represent a specific thing.

Click on each thumbnail to open up a full-sized version of the piece.

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