best-summer-campNow that spring is upon us, our minds can wander to summer.

At University High School, summer means graduation, alumni weekend, and most of all, Summer U!

If you haven’t yet registered your student for one of our Summer U camps or classes, what are you waiting for? Here are just three of the top reasons you should think about enrolling your child in a Summer U camp or class.

1. There’s something for everyone.

And we mean everyone. Even though University is a high school, we welcome students from 1st grade to 12th grade during the summer.

Whether your child is a movie buff or a Minecraft master, a passionate potter or a promising programmer, or anything in between, we have camps to excite just about any student.

Check out our full listing of enrichment camps to see which are right for your child!

2. Trained educators – not college students – teach our camps.

High schools are great places for summer camps. Not only do they have world-class resources like classrooms, computers, microscopes, cameras, and art supplies that campers can use, but they also have smart, qualified teachers who really know their stuff!

Summer U camps aren’t taught by college students on break; they’re all taught by University High School teachers, coaches, or partners. An English teacher will lead the Creative Writing Camp. Our theatre director will teach the Theatre Exploration Camp. Our computer science teacher designed the Game Design Camp: Unity. The list goes on.

The experience and content expertise you’ll find at Summer U will ensure a great experience for your child.

3. We’re a convenient option for busy families.

We know you have a lot to coordinate during the summer, so we’ve made Summer U a convenient option. Our new extended day program gives you extra flexibility in dropping off and picking up your child.

Summer U camps are also broken up into morning and afternoon sessions, so if your family can only do mornings or afternoons, there are options that fit your schedule. If you need all-day programming, you can enroll in a morning and afternoon camp. Plus, the camps are just one week (with a few exceptions), so families can work around vacations and other engagements.

Check out all of our Summer U offerings for 2018!