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If we build it, will they come?

When University High School returned to campus in August, theatre director Callie Hartz faced the biggest challenge of her career.

How can we safely do theatre in the middle of a pandemic? 

Other schools were planning shows where actors wore masks or shows without an audience. Some were cancelling their productions altogether. But Hartz found her inspiration in an unexpected place — the University High School soccer field. 

The University High School production of Clue would be an outdoor one. Hartz knew from the beginning that to pull off an outdoor show, it would require a massive community effort. The theatre team would have to build a stage from scratch, set up lights and speakers where none existed, and figure out how to power it all. They’d have to orient the stage so the sun wouldn’t be in the audience’s eyes. And they’d have to move up the show by a month to get it in before the weather got cold. 

There were dozens of reasons it shouldn’t have worked. But, unsurprisingly, it did. 

As she sat in her car after opening night — when rain fell and the crew had to hold umbrellas over lights and actors stayed in character despite the biting wind, when there was so much help to tear down that they ran out of jobs to do — Hartz cried tears of joy.

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