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Student watches an information session on their computer.Student Resume

The student resume┬áis a go-to document for University High School students that contains all of the academic, extracurricular, community service, standardized test, and summer experience information they’ll need to have when applying to college. The resume compiles all of the student’s personal information on one helpful document. Download the student resume template.

The student resume also supplies the college counseling staff with information that helps them advocate on behalf of the student to colleges and universities of interest. University’s faculty members also use the student resume to help write recommendation letters for the students. University High School sends a letter of recommendation to every college to which a student applies.

Students maintain their student resume throughout their career at University High School. In addition to taking challenging college preparatory classes, students should not overlook activities outside of the classroom. Participation and/or leadership in clubs, student government organizations, sports, fine and performing arts, community service and employment give college admissions representatives a picture of how a student might contribute to their community.