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Other Courses

In addition to standard academic departments such as English, math, science, and social studies, University High School offers several courses in physical education and health, technology, and more.

To graduate from University High School, students must earn three credits (one credit in PE, one credit in health, and one additional credit which may be earned through participation in a sport) in physical education and health.

2021-22 Physical Education & Health Course Descriptions

Physical Education

Students in this class will learn and develop many important skills, activities, and behaviors that promote physical fitness and wellness. University High School implements a comprehensive physical education program for all students to promote health and fitness by teaching skills in diverse physical activities and educating students on team dynamics, sportsmanship, cooperative effort, and the ability to think strategically. University High School believes it is important to develop a sound body as well as a sound mind.

Advanced Physical Education: Strength & Conditioning

The course will focus on strength training and power in the weight room, with heavy emphasis on training the body for personal gain and sport-specific needs. The class will require a variety of warmup exercises used to prepare for training, with focus on various phases of movement: acceleration, speed, and agility. The course will require the use of free weights, agility ladders, hurdles, foam rollers, harnesses, and resistance bands. This is a class for highly motivated students interested in serious advanced strength and conditioning. Participants will demonstrate various lifts and exercises that promote strength, cardiovascular exercise, and core training. Students will be given programs based on personal needs or sport-specific programs.

Advanced Physical Education: Yoga & Mindfulness

Students will be introduced to self-care practices that have been proven to nourish the systems of the body, increase mental focus, and restore emotional balance. Through exploring the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices, students will be encouraged to reflect on personal thought patterns and behaviors that cause stress and anxiety while learning tools that empower better emotional self-regulation. Various topics covered will aim to help students connect their inner and outer worlds and to become their own advocates for lifelong wellness.


University High School believes that health awareness is very important for students. There is a direct link between our overall health and wellness and how we perform on a daily basis—in academics and extracurricular activities. This course covers material from the assigned textbook and current event issues in order to improve upon our health and to make better choices and decisions. The course covers a variety of topics: wellness, personal care and body systems, sex education, tobacco, alcohol, and drug education, and nutrition.

Sports Management

This course will focus on sports management, facility management, and sports operations. This course will use principles and concepts of organization, decision making strategies, communication, personnel management, management of fiscal and physical resources, program evaluation, and legal issues in exercise related professions. This course is for students who are interested in athletics management, sports, and facility management.

2021-22 Computer Science & Technology Course Descriptions

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. Rather than focusing the entire course on learning particular software tools or programming languages, the course focuses on the conceptual ideas of computing and helps students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. The goal of this class is to develop the computational thinking practices of algorithm development, problem solving, and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to the lives of today’s students. Students will also be introduced to topics such as interface design, the limits of computers, and societal and ethical issues.

IT Concepts: Networks, macOS, Hardware & Logic

This course will increase students’ knowledge and awareness of the technology they use every day. Students will learn about basic networking, macOS basics and troubleshooting, and computer hardware, and they will be introduced to logical structures, laying a foundation for programming. This course will also discuss current and emerging technology topics, breakthroughs, and advances. This course is meant to be introductory in scope and provides information beneficial to anyone using technology on a daily basis.

IT Help Support

Students in IT Help Support help the IT department by addressing problems that arise and by providing training to students and staff as necessary. One of the objectives is to give students insight into the life of an IT professional. It is designed to be self-directed with faculty in a supervisory role. As the workload for IT Help Support ebbs and flows, students will have down time that is to be used as a study hall. Therefore, this course is a 0.5 credit course. This course is offered both semesters and may be taken more than once.

3D Modeling & Animation

3-D Modeling & Animation will introduce students to a vast array of the industry standard techniques used to create digital media in the art and science industries today. Topics covered in this course are modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, kinematics/inverse kinematics, animation, camera/lighting setup, and rendering. Students will learn a variety of modeling techniques during this course. Some of them include assembly modeling, freeform modeling, box modeling, environment modeling, and character modeling. The goal of this course is to develop the technical skills needed to create digital media to express one’s ideas. Students will create a short animated film at the end.

AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A is an introductory course in computer science. Because the development of computer programs to solve problems is a skill fundamental to the study of computer science, a large part of the course is built around the development of computer programs or parts of programs that correctly solve a given problem. A major objective of the class will be for students to be able to code fluently in an object-oriented paradigm using the programming language Java.

2021-22 Other Course Descriptions


Accounting is the language of business. This course is an interesting and fun introductory look at the world of accounting. We will learn fundamental accounting concepts including analyzing, interpreting, and recording business transactions, commonly known as bookkeeping. We will also learn to prepare and analyze financial statements, bank reconciliations, and payroll transactions. There will also be some basic personal finance topics covered including check writing, credit, and budgeting. By the end of the course, the student should have some idea if they have any interest in possibly pursuing accounting and should have gained some knowledge to help them with their personal finances.


Personal Finance

Would you like to know how to create a personal budget? Would you like to know what a credit score is and what affects your credit score? Would you like to know how credit and debit cards work? Should you buy or lease a car? Should you rent or buy a house? What do all the items on your auto insurance page mean? What is the purpose of the third fork to the left of your plate at dinner?

If any of these questions interest you or you would like to know more about personal finance, this class is probably for you. This is open to anyone, although it might be more beneficial to juniors and seniors.

Introduction to Linguistics

This is a semester-long class designed for students who want to continue their study of language but with a linguistic twist. Linguistics is the study of language and its functions. In this class, students will study phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics and apply this knowledge to various languages including Spanish and French. Classes will have a large emphasis on participation. Students will have the opportunity to explore the various branches of linguistics and apply it to a language that they know or have an interest in.

Leadership Through Service

This is a semester-long class designed for students who want to explore their community, develop leadership skills, and understand the role of service. The class will use a seminar format and include a blend of academic study and service learning. The teacher of the class will primarily act as facilitator; the class in large part will be taught by the students themselves. Classes will have a heavy emphasis on participation. Discussion and hands-on activities will be an important part of each class. In addition, the class will invite leaders in the community to share their stories with the students. A primary goal of the class is for students to learn how to become an effective leader in the University High School community and outside of school. In the fall semester, students will learn how to lead a group of peers. This may be by developing a service project in collaboration with a community partner as a part of Year of Service or developing a service project/club that does not operate in conjunction with the Year of Service but occurs during the fall semester.

Research Scholars

Students who are accepted for this program will spend considerable time and effort to develop, research, and write an extensive thesis; they will also give an oral presentation of findings. Students will develop the initial idea for the project in the spring of their junior year, work on it over the summer, and continue the work through the first semester of their senior year. They will earn one credit upon its successful completion. Participation in this program will give a student significant experience in managing a complex independent research project, as well as the satisfaction of pursuing a topic of one’s own choosing. It will give a student considerable training for college honors/thesis programs, and it will enhance applications for college admission.

A junior student who is interested in pursuing this program for his or her senior year should speak to the Dean of Academic Affairs for more information.